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navigating & Planning for Life Events

Did You Know?

The cost for 4-year private college now tops $36,000 per year on average nationwide. The two most popular college savings programs are 529 plans and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts. Whichever you choose, be sure to start when your child is young. The sooner you begin, the less money you will have to put away each year.

Fiscal Fitness is here to help you manage all the financial implications that you and your family will face throughout the various Life Events and Transitions, including:

  • Becoming a Parent

  • Preparing For Higher Education

  • Money Matters in Marriage

  • Risk Management thru Insurance (Life, Health, Disability,)

  • Receiving Inheritances or Legal Settlements

  • Getting Divorced or Recently Widowed

  • Death/Disability

  • Becoming a Caregiver

  • Retirement or Job Changes

  • Establishing or Expanding a Business

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"I have greatly benefited by utilizing the professional tax and retirement planning services of Fiscal Fitness. Our interaction is always friendly, professional and helpful. They have earned my trust, I highly recommend Fiscal Fitness."


Gloria Venable, Educator, Virginia Beach, VA.

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